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Our word is our bond.

Mutual confidence is a fundamental factor in our world and among individuals living together. Recent times have shown that particularly in the global shipping community this has become more important than ever.


Svemir’s philosophy is – and always has been – a faithful commercial inter-course with our business partners.

Our aim is to assure our customers of the credibility of the shipping industry we are part of and want to define a sustainable atmosphere of confidence within the shipping community and

with our partners.

Apart from acting as classical shipbrokers for all kind of bulk commodities for our principals being shippers and charterers on one side and ship owners ...

Apart from acting as classical shipbrokers and commercial managers we also offer our services for technical management of seagoing vessels including all  ...

Apart from our brokerage and ship management activities we also offer our expertise for special proceedings to our customers. This includes all kinds of ...

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