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Svemir Shipping GmbH as well as Svemir Ship Management GmbH & Co KG and Svemir Maritime Invest GmbH & Co KG, are headed by two shareholders, Boris Behm and Yury Musienko.


Boris Behm, 44, has a combined experience in ship broking, commercial management and ship management for more than 20 years. Boris started his career at Russochart Shipping in 1994 in operations & chartering. Boris holds an MBA in Shipping from the Hamburg School of Business Administration and a degree as Shipping Merchant from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. 


Yury Musienko, 53, has a combined industry experience in navigation, technical management, & chartering for more than 30 years. Prior to Svemir he worked with Russochart Shipping and Novoship as a chartering broker. Yury startet his career at Novoship in 1984 as a Deck Officer on bulkers and tankers and was sailing the seas for eight years upto the position of a Chief-Mate. 

Yury holds a patent as Engineer Navigator from the Highest Engineering Academy, Novorossiysk.


As from 1994 until 1996 Boris and Yury used to work together at a Hamburg based ship broking firm. In 1996 they jointly set-up Svemir Shipping. The different backround of the two shareholders with their nautical and commercial experience of over a decade in the shipping industry secures the fundamental know-how of the company that is being provided to its clients.


Managing Partner


Managing Partner

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