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Apart from acting as classical shipbrokers for all kind of bulk commodities for our principals being shippers and/or charterers on one side and ship owners on the other side we also provide full commercial management including assistance for sale & purchase of maritime assets to our clients.Svemir Shipping GmbH has gained a vast experience in trading ships in the spot market and to arrange contracts on voyage-basis, which is supported by the direct access to cargoes and contact to major exporters and trading houses for grains and fertilizers and other bulk commodities.

We individually select the right markets and suitable cargoes for each particular vessel and negotiate and fix the underlining charter-contracts affirmatively. This includes voyage- as well as time-charter contracts.


During the voyage we keep close communication with the ship’s command about the requirements and details of the respective employment. Furthermore we select the right agencies for the vessel’s port of calls who we furnish with appropriate instructions, always keeping them under necessary control.


Our services include the full post-fixing including voyage/hire accounting and voyage settlement as to Demurrage/Dispatch calculations. The voyage is being closely monitored by us and we analyse the navigational performance of each individual voyage thereafter.


In case of any claim should arise we handle same under the governing charter parties.


We take over the Bunker-management including the product procurement and arrange the underwriting services for all kinds of risks around the vessel.

The Full Commercial Management


· Brokerage


· Commercial Management


· Bunker Supply


· Operating


· Insurance

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