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Apart from acting as classical shipbrokers and commercial managers we also offer our services for technical management of seagoing vessels including all items around dry docking, crewing, purchasing of ship supply / stores and spare parts. In addition we can

offer a comprehensive quality management and risk assessment.

Full Technical Management

The Technical Management is being rendered by our highly experienced superintendents and their assistants. Our Technical Management services also includes the docking arrangements and supervision including budgeting and negotiating with suitable shipyards.


Our Crew Management contains the recruitment of dedicated seafarers and their comprehensive pre-employment assessment.


An efficient procurement of the daily consumables on board as well as any kind of spare parts is executed by experienced personnel by using a dedicated computer-system, also controlling the available stocks.


Our company’s own and fleet-specific quality system is subject to a permanent improvement process and to regular checks of its compliance with all organisations and its personnel at sea and ashore.

· Technical Management


· Docking


· Crewing


· Purchasing


· Quality Management

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